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Interpretation Spreadsheet

Autor petearch

I've attached a spreadsheet (Excel) showing all the Interpretation Presets in one place.  If you hover over the titles (the cells with the red triangles) it displays a definition of the setting.  These definitions have mainly been taken from the manual, and from responses to queries I have posted on this forum.

You may need to adjust the layout to suit your monitor.  It fits just right on my desktop, but on my laptop some of the comments disappear so that I have to scroll to see them.

I have found it very useful for comparing the different presets, and it has also helped me gain a better understanding of this important parameter.  I hope some of you may also find it useful.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes, or if you think it could be improved or expanded in any way.

Any questions, please just ask.


Sa., 01.03.2014 - 20:03 Permalink

Thank you petearch - I dont know why I didnt think of this - Tonight I shall spend some good time on this!