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Upright Bass !!

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Extremely cool upright bass solo here. I just came across this while programming a similar style for the upcoming generative algos. Erm, it won't be quite as exciting as this live performance, but not that far also ...


Mo., 25.05.2020 - 19:05 Permalink

Not that this is in any way comparable, but it's what I mentioned I've been working on:

This is what the experimantal interface currently looks like and what's generated as a Figure:

Sa., 27.06.2020 - 11:03 Permalink

The time frame is still somewhat unpredictable, but I'm working on this 10 hours a day currently, because it's the defining new feature of 2.0. Some days there's a breakthrough, others go on and on with a lot of refactoring and redesign, showing little visible progress. It is truly exciting. Feels like giving birth to a game changer.

There will be a dozen or so generators initially, for all sorts of purposes. The goal is to cover a wide range of styles and uses, so everyone can fast-breed their own libraries full of original phrases. 

The ultimate end game could be a generator that generates generators ... but I'm not there yet. In order to understand the rules and patterns that make a good generator, I need to write more of them by hand first (using the KIM language specifically created for that purpose). Once the rules are clear, they can be written into a meta-generator.

So., 28.06.2020 - 22:08 Permalink

Creating the KIM language was the hard part. Writing rules in that language now is total fun.

So., 28.06.2020 - 23:57 Permalink

Seems to me outstanding this new feature for Synfire.
A gamechanger then and hopefully it pays out in a commercial success too.