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MusicXML export of chord symbols and articulations (staccato, legato, slurs,...)


Currently I am trying to get my music notated on sheets of paper and wanted to use MusicXML export and Notion3 for that task. In general I got nice results (with some manual tweaking) ;-)

But there are 3 problems, that should work better, but I did not find out, how:

  1. Chord Symbols were not exported to MusicXML (XML tag is present, but empty). I checked "Harmony Information" on the notation tab of the global phrase of the root container and "Chord Symbols" on the instrument, where they should appear, but I was not successful. I have tried several combinations, I even got a tablature, but no chord symbols.
  2. I did not get "staccato dots" and... ...slurs (when checked), were here and there, but not, where they were intended to be. Can certain articulations (like staccato, legato) be used, to get better control upon staccato and slurs in notation? How?
  3. I noticed, that sometimes (not very often), the MusicXML exported notes were definitly different from what I could here in Synfire playback. I tried to save an render the arrangement manually before exporting it to MusicXML, but that did not help.

Can you give me a hint? Thanx.

Mi., 01.02.2012 - 13:54 Permalink

I use also Pizzicato Compostion Pro ..there you can export XMl files too.
You can contact Pizzicato about this and the developer he is a very helpful person!

The program can be used for articulation and so on.
Perhaps you can find the answer there..?

Mo., 06.02.2012 - 18:17 Permalink

Hi discosleepy,

Re 1: You need to activate both, "Harmony information" for the entire arrangement and "Chord Symbols" per instrument. The exported chords however are NOT in the <chords> XML tag, the are in the <harmony> tag.

Re 2: Using articulations for notation export sounds like a good idea, although nothing like that is implemented yet.

Re 3: Did you judge these differences by sight (reading), or by sound? The MIDI notes contained in the XML are 100% identical. There may be errors with exporting printed accidentals correctly. If yes, a short example file would be very helpful.