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Bug in HN2 demo or full version as well?


Hi Andre.

Not sure if you received my email...

In HN2 Demo, there seems to be an issue when sellecting main sound other than "strings" 

So I would select the piano for Akkord and able to hear it on virtual piano on same page, but when switching to Pallete tab - NO sound.

I found a workaround that sometimes work. I would select piano in instruments, click progression tab and click buttons there, than go to pallete to see if it works... sometimes it does

I believe those extremely long strings is not a good choice for initial screen. Also, even at low buffer of 128, program itself seems to have latency and not very responsive. (i7 6 core 3ghz machine) Is this an issue with Demo, or that is how the software is. 

You are the boss, you do what you wish, but it seems that software is based on old code that is why it does not feel stable....

3 questions please:

1) Is there a cure for the instrument selected -> but not played in pallet?

2)Is NON demo version also has a lag as a Demo?

3)Are there significant improvements comming anytime soon (2021) to take care of the older code if the lag is present in NON-demo version?


Thank you.





Di., 19.01.2021 - 21:23 Permalink

Sorry for the wait. I've been totally swamped with other tasks.

Re 1) The instrument you selected is specifically for the file only (assuming you mean HN2 LE, the file is called a Workspace). What you want to do is change the global instrument used for Palette surfing and progression editing, regardless which file is currently open. To do that, open Playback >> Audio & MIDI Setup and go to the "Global Instruments" tab.

The strings are sustained only after a short click into the palette. Hold the mouse down a little longer (800+ ms) and it will stop once you release the button.

Re 2) There is probably some latency with the palette compared to other tools like NI Maschine, Ableton Push, or DAW plugins. The palette was designed for laid back exploration of progressions, keys, chords and scales. Playing chords as a live performance is not one of its strengths. That's what the phrases in HN2 Advanced will doing with your progressions (you won't do that yourself by hand).

I see how HN2, especially the LE version, can be confusing for new users sometimes because, it being a derivate of its bigger brothers, it inherits a vast flexibility with sound setup that is not really needed (global vs. local instruments, device descriptions and such). We have plans to simplify HN and hide all of that as much as possible.