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How to Merge Containers?




I've been away from Synfire for several months due to work -booo, now I'm getting back to my composition (first in Synfire) and its occured to me that I made some organizational errors with my containers. I would love to be able to merge some of them together, is there a way to do this?


Thank you, jeremy

So., 04.01.2015 - 06:58 Permalink

Oh, I see, the way to merge containers is to place all child-containers into a parent and then do SNAPSHOT CONTAINER, though interpretations seem to get changed in certain circumstances.


Cheers, jeremy

So., 04.01.2015 - 08:41 Permalink

Yes, the interpretation parameter can hold only one setting per container. So, if you merge two containers with different settings into one container, one of these two interpretation settings will get lost.

So., 04.01.2015 - 12:19 Permalink

you can draw out/select on the timeline ruler at the top of the containers the timeframe you want to merge(like when you want to loop a section of the tune), then do a create container. That will create a new container that fits the timeframe you selected, snapsnot into that and you end up with a container that holds everything thats effective for that part of the song. easier to do that describe.