Relative Volume / Velocity Change across multiple selected instrument / container?

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Relative Volume / Velocity Change across multiple selected instrument / container?

Hello All,

I was away from the lovely Synfire for much too long but recently got back into it and am presently in the final stages of completing a 12-14 minute cross-over piece.

There are 26 instruments and a great many containers and I am finding it a NIGHTMARE to mix within Synfire. Sure I have my DAW but I WANT to mix in Synfire as it will provide for a more convincing final result to have the instrumental balancing completely realized as a result of the velocity / volume changes at the MIDI side instead of after-the-fact on the audio side.

Is there a way to make RELATIVE changes to volume or velocity across multiple selected instruments and or containers?

I would expect such a feature to be a high priority for any composer who works with orchestral type music.

Someone please tell me the feature exists :)

Thank you, Jeremy

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Relative changes seem like a tempting idea. Thanks for bringing it up.

As far as I remember, this was not pursued yet for the reason that sounds repond to volume and velocity very differently. There's no standard that would ensure a meaningful generic handling of dynamics, expression, and similar parameters.

So your best bet is to place a new container, snapshot Volume and/or Velocity parameters and shape them with the tools at hand until the result matches your idea. This container could still be moved around for various effects.

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