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Several Bugs


Ive downloaded the most recent update and im running into so many more bugs with the UI. I dont know if it got worse but I definitely feel more discouraged then when I was demoing this in the beginning. Ive invested alot of time away from my family to learn this and my resources into the Pro version of this software to see it actually work. The idea is great and Im doing everything in my power to make this work. 

  1. Some midi when I import them have no anchor and sounds ridiculous. See photo attached.
  2. Bitwig released a new version that claims to address to the midi sync. Everything seems okay on Bitwigs side but Synfire locks up when I stop or pause the transport when synced, see attached. 
  3.  As per the drones-playback-stuck photo, I created instrument lanes with many, many parameters as child containers. 90% of them are inactive just for testing. Synfire has significant delay. Im not sure if that has something to do with it but all of the instruments are out of sync and sound ridiculous. I thought it was my DAW since synfire cannot compensate for latency while just monitoring but no. I got all tracks down to less than 5ms latency, still everything is out of sync.
  4. While importing folders, Synfire chooses randomly what instruments it will use once imported, even after I pick the instruments.
  5. While importing folders, Synfire chooses where it wants to place each figure. Yes I see the option to create new folders, that's deselected.
  6. I am no longer able to delete folders in ANY library.
  7. I cannot rename certain folders randomly now.
  8. I cannot do a multiselect in the library. That's always been but its really getting to me now and I spend so much unnecessary time having to click each figure 1 by 1 and moving them.
  9. The Undo is still skipping for me. I just tried it. When I use the SHORTCUT, stretch parameter, it skips all actions after.

At this point, I know what Synfire is supposed to do when I do certain actions according to the manual and my experience. I am getting the hang of it, so when it doesn't do what I intended, I am more upset. I spend so much time troubleshooting to figure out what went wrong and then when I find that nothing went wrong, I am furious.

Please help me. Im desperate for this to work.


Mo., 13.11.2023 - 09:33 Permalink

Segments w/o anchor are strange. That should be impossible. Maybe the anchor is hidden behind another symbol? You can fix this with Command-R (CTRL-R) on the desired symbol. If you want to send the MIDI file to support, we can look into this.

Will test Bitwig again. Be sure to disable Bi-directional sync in Synfire. It is experimental.

A delay at start is normal (if it gets extreme do Playback / Reset Audio/MIDI System). Instruments are guaranteed to be in sync if they are running on the same host. If you are running some in Bitwig and some in Synfire (Audio Engine), they will inevitably run out of sync.

It's impossible to pre-select instruments for a batch import (folder), except for the first file. That's nothing Synfire could change because every file uses different track numbers and sounds. The only way to deal with that is to guess the instruments (as it does), or import files individually. Batch import is best for drum patterns.

There are different presets to choose from how folders and tracks are named in a batch import (File Processing section).

You can't delete a library folder as long as it contains protected phrase pools. Not sure if that is the best way to deal with protection. Suggestions are welcome.

You can't rename the root folder of a library. Most folders in the rack module library are read-only, except those for your own module presets. And you can't rename folders in a read-only library (if multiple windows have the same library open, only one can modify it).

Multi-select in the library is on the wish list. It's not yet a full featured file system ;-)

Will check undo again. Couldn't reproduce it yet.

Mo., 13.11.2023 - 09:49 Permalink

Yes I see the option to create new folders, that's deselected.

Ah, now I understand. It's only enabled for batch import (disabled for Arrangement / Import). Batch import only works for libraries (Library / Import, or from a standalone library window). 

Fr., 17.11.2023 - 11:15 Permalink

Bitwig 5.0.11 fixed MIDI Clock sync (thanks for the hint) but if you start it at a later position (for example bar 16), the Drones won't play. 

It's not an audio issue. The MIDI received from Synfire never gets scheduled in the Drone. My guess: Bitwig doesn't seem to provide correct playhead info to loaded plugins.

It works fine with other DAWs, so I doubt it's a bug in Synfire or the Drone.