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Splitting and merging containers?


Is there a way to split containers and also split the figures they contain?


Say I have an 8 bar container and I want to use the second half somewhere, so I just want to select the middle and cut it in two, so the first split is the first 4 bars, and the second split is the last 4 bars.


Then I'd want to make 2 copies of the second part of the container and merge them together into one.


Any easy/fast way to do this?


Fr., 10.05.2013 - 12:39 Permalink

A rootcontainer cannot be divided.

Place a container under it and select it ..position the orange needle  (playcursor) on a position on the timeline and use edit menu >> divide

Now group this divided container by selecting both parts and use edit menu>> group

Note: the edit menu is contextsensitive : that means it shows only edit options what are possible 

Fr., 10.05.2013 - 13:25 Permalink

Oh it's because divide is under the edit menu and not under the container menu and I was looking for "split" so search didn't turn up anything in the manual.


Would be more logical to have a container function under the container menu so it's available when you context click on a container.

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sometimes this workaround works
for example create two containers and define the lenghts under the container that you want to split
then right click  Make snapshot to 2 new containers

oh my...
answer was already here..
note to my self.....never reply to anywhere before  "actually"  wake up!
sory guys.

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I too find the placement of functions frustrating and non-intuitive. While there is no easy answer for the choice to use 'divide' instead of 'split,' since both are appropriate, the placement of menu operations in the context menu (right click) could certainly be improved.


There has also been a request for an appendix table of nested menu items in the manual and for 'hyperlinking' of items/ topics in the manual. Hopefully, the new version will show improvements in the documentation and menu organization.