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ChatGPT --- Composer?

Author jojomi-music

ChatGPT writes texts, programs in several program languages etc. etc.
ChatGPT composed! How does ChatGPT output music --- as musicxml.
Works well. Copy the musicxml texts from ChatGPT into an xml editor and then save them as a musicxml file. Then import into a music notation program (Finale, Sibelius, Musescore, etc.).
ChatGPT outputs are limited in time and scope. You get a maximum of musical sections that can then be worked out.
That's actually the starting point for Synfire --- to further develop the musical blocks.
There are two options for importing to Synfire:
1) The music notation program creates a midi file, which can then be easily imported into Synfire
2) Synfire is supplemented with its own musicxml interface for importing. Then you wouldn't need to go through the music notation program.

It can be assumed that ChatGPT's musical compositions will also get much better. But even now, the usable compositional material for further development is an interesting start.

Best regards
Joseph Johann Michael


Tue, 2023-07-04 - 11:02 Permalink

Synfire can only use the MIDI data contained in a MusicXML file (which is not necessarily included, by the way). You can use a command-line utility to convert MusicXML to MIDI files and import these. 

If that is a reliable  way of importing MusicXML, we might include that conversion step with Synfire.

I am somewhat skeptical however, whether ChatGPT will be further improved for this purpose. This will rather be  the domain of specialized music models. Let us know how far ChatGPT can go. My guess is that there will be a point at which things will get generic and repetitive, but I may be wrong.