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Answers to technical questions and problems. If you figured out a solution to a daunting issue, do not hesitate to post it here. Solutions are sorted alphabetically. Use the search function if you are looking for something specific. Tags show related content on the site.

Migrating Your Racks To 64 Bit

As more and more plug-in manufacturers are dropping support for 32 bit, Synfire now moved to a single 64 bit Audio Engine. New installations and racks will use that engine, while the 32 bit engine remains as an optional choice for a while. This article outlines how to migrate your existing 32 bit projects and racks to 64 bit.

Tempo Map Resolution

When importing a MIDI track with tempo changes, is there any way to get a better resolution of the tempo map in Synfire? If I import a tempo ramp from Cubase, Synfire places 'jumps' at every beat, and it doesn't even begin with the correct tempo value.