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HN2 or Synfire installation fails on Windows 8

This has been fixed with Synfire 1.10 and HN 2.8.1

There's an issue on Windows 8 only, where the installers for HN2 2.8 or Synfire 1.9 would take a minute or so to start, but ultimately fail to do so. An error message pops up saying:

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.

Mouse pointer corrupted on high DPI screen (Windows)

When setting the custom font and image scaling for your high resolution (DPI) display to 150%, some of the phrase editor's mouse pointers may appear garbled.

This is a known issue that only appears at 150% and will eventually be fixed. You can work around the problem by setting your display to either 100%, 125% or 200%, whichever suits your needs best. Just avoid the 150% setting.

List of Multi-Client Audio & MIDI Drivers (Windows)

There is a known limitation on Windows with many drivers for audio and MIDI hardware: They do not support multi-client operation. This means Synfire and a DAW can not play audio or send/receive MIDI to the same device at the same time. This problem only arises when the DAW and Synfire are run at the same time. It is also not specific to Synfire. On Windows in general, running more than one DAW at a time is a challenge. This problem does not exist on OS X.

Problems With MIDI Input (Windows)

Under Windows, problems may occur if multiple programs attempt to use the same USB MIDI driver for input at the same time. Especially prone to this issue are “cheap” drivers that often accompany inexpensive MIDI hardware. If you wonder why Synfire is unable to receive MIDI input from your hardware keyboard, there is probably another program already using and blocking the USB driver.

Message: "Initialization Error. Code -7" (Windows)

If you encounter the error message "Initialization Error. Code -7" on Windows, this may indicate a conflict with some security or  defense utility. Reportedly, this was the case with the product "Emsisoft Online Armor", but it may also occur with other products (Panda, Comodo, etc).

Message: "Error: Sharing Violation" (Windows)

This message points to another (possibly crashed) instance of the program still running invisibly in the background. Please open the Windows task manager and terminate HN.exe (or SynfirePro.exe). This should free up all locked files and resources. Another possible cause for this are insufficient access rights for the current user to write to the folder "C:\Program Files\Cognitone". Please set the access rights for this folder manually such that all users have full access to it.


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