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Concept (1): Terms

Get an idea what instruments, parameters, phrases, containers and other terms actually mean and how they are working together to render your music.


Concept (2): Racks

A brief bird's eye view on racks and how the global rack and individual arrangement racks are working together.


Get an idea of the overall window layout and how to move between pages and parts, how to zoom in and out of details and where to find what.

Harmony (1): Progressions

Creative tools for harmony are a major strength of Synfire. Learn how to build and edit chord progressions and collect them in libraries.

Arranging a Song (1)

How to arrange a song from scratch in 15 minutes with Synfire Sparks. This tutorial is also helpful for beginners with Synfire Express and Pro. Includes examples of different styles and instructions how to use the Pause parameter to automate a mix.


Learn how to import Standard MIDI Files into Synfire and create new phrases from their contents.

Editing Drum Patterns

Learn how to edit drum patterns with Synfire. There is no specific "Grid" or utility for this, you simply use the pencil and line drawing tools with Static Pitch Symbols exclusively (brown).

Version 1

Compose a Piano Theme

Learn how to build up a cinematic piano theme step by step from easy to play phrase overdubs. Even if you are not good at playing the keyboard, using Synfire, this is simple and fun.

Version 1