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Suite Coloma by Jorge Codina

By Jorge.Codina Wed, 2022-11-02 - 13:39

The Coloma family ruled the county of Elda (my hometown) for more than 200 years (16th and 17th centuries). Not only they were a fundamental part of the history of the town (...)


A Blues-ish Brahms (test)

By RobertoD Mon, 2017-12-11 - 18:48

I'm doing some tests to find a viable way of assembling a library which could work in different harmonic contexts. The attached brahms_op4.coglib proved to be a good candidate. The op.4 Scherzo (...)


Almost random chromatic clashes

By RobertoD Sun, 2017-11-19 - 18:07

A further example. In this short test I recorded (at a very slooow BPM...) a chromatic scale "out of tune". i.e., over a C major chord I began to play the scale (...)


Brahms Intermezzo + Autumn Leaves

By RobertoD Tue, 2017-11-07 - 15:53

Today I used Synfire to transform a Brahms intermezzo into something else. First, in Synfire I recorded from a MIDI piano the first 9 measures of Brahms at a very slow BPM (...)