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Forest Journey music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi All. My latest composition, my first using Synfire 2.0. I've mashed up some trailer video clips from one of my fav movies currently playing, like a rescore study. Grateful for your (...)


Undulations music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi all. Thought I'd do one final music video using Synfire before my Storyblocks subscription runs out. This one is an orchestral piece and a celebration of our shared humanity. 6 January (...)


Saga music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi all. Happy new year! The year of Synfire 2.0. Anyway, here is my latest orchestral music video, made using Synfire. And the obligatory VR180 version: Saga VR 180 music video (...)


Space VR180 music cinematic

By Ruchir

Hi all. Another track made with Synfire. This time integrating with VCV rack 2 modular, so a very different experience, especially trying to keep control of the modular synth. Space VR180 music (...)

Dune inspired VR180 music cinematic

By Ruchir

This is a VR 180 music video animation inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune Features the Bene Jesserit and the Gom Jabbar test Managed to put the track together really quickly using Synfire (...)


Violin on Ice - cinematic music video

By Ruchir

Sorry all. I used the magic of Synfire to use similar elements in two tracks recently. This is the second one. I'd be curious if you could spot the substantially reused elements (...)