Audio Engine

Synfire's own plug-in and audio hosting. For DAW sync, see under DAW or Synch

Migrating to 64 Bit

As more and more plug-in manufacturers are dropping support for 32 bit, in the forseeable future Synfire will make the 64 bit Audio Engine its system default. That is, new installations and racks will use the 64 bit engine, while the 32 bit engine remains as an optional choice (currently it's the other way around). This article outlines how to migrate your existing projects and (global) racks to 64 bit. 

List of Multi-Client Audio & MIDI Drivers (Windows)

There is a known limitation on Windows with many drivers for audio and MIDI hardware: They do not support multi-client operation. This means Synfire and a DAW can not play audio or send/receive MIDI to the same device at the same time. This problem only arises when the DAW and Synfire are run at the same time. It is also not specific to Synfire. On Windows in general, running more than one DAW at a time is a challenge. This problem does not exist on OS X.

Connecting HN with VSTi's

There are already several videos from Cognitone about the sound setup for Harmony Navigator:

Here is an additional video that also may be helpful. It demonstrates how to connect Harmony Navigator with VST instruments which are hosted at Cubase. The connection between HN and Cubase is done via the MIDI loopback driver loopbe30, which comes with HN2 advanced. 

Cognitone Drone, Sprike or Soundcase Plug-ins are not showing up in DAW or Synfire

Before re-scanning your installed plug-ins, make sure the search path includes the directory where your Drones have been put when you installed Synfire (default: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins). The search path is shown in a dialog window that pops up immediately after you requested a scan. On Windows, different directories apply for 32 and 64 bit plug-ins.

Propellerhead Folder Permissions Fix (Mac)

This shell script fixes file and folder permissions in the Propellerhead Software folder. Use this in case some other software installer has messed with the permissions and you can no longer install or update Synfire Pro. This script is meant as a workaround until we will have changed the installer to ask you for admin privileges and make these modifications automatically.

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