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VSL Prime Edition (VEP Setup)

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Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) enjoys a stellar reputation among professionals and prosumers for top quality orchestral sound libraries and associated audio software. Their Prime Edition is an affordable entry into arranging for full orchestra on your computer.

These are VEP files for using Prime Edition with Synfire. They have been created on a Mac, so I'm not sure whether they also work on Windows, or how hard-wired they are to the specific folders and paths on a computer. You probably will be prompted for the locations of your library (couldn't test this yet -- please report back).

  1. Start a VEP server and load Prime Edition Server.vesp64
  2. Should that not work, load into the server these 4 instances manually: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion.
  3. Download the associated device descriptions from the Online Repository
    1. VSL Prime Edition: Strings
    2. VSL Prime Edition: Woodwinds
    3. VSL Prime Edition: Brass
    4. VSL Prime Edition: Percussion
  4. Setup 4 modules on your rack in Synfire using the Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in and connect them to the respective server instances.
  5. Use the sounds and articulations to arrange your music.

I recommend saving each rack module as a preset.

Also check out the tutorial for Setting up a VEP Server with Synfire.

Since Synfire Pro 2.2.1 you can import Cubase Expression Maps as articulations. You can download Expression Maps for all VSL products using the Vienna Assistant app.