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DR-670 Drum Pattern Library

By sj1

Patterns from DR-670 (400 Patterns) D = Drums Df = Drums with Fill 2m patterns/loops in 4/4 have no special label. Others are labeled: 1m, 4m, 2b, etc. Some 1m patterns have (...)


Synfire Pro Sustain Chords Library

By soundcase

movie style pads i prefer to use linear recognition and Horizontal symbol for this kind of material also VL is weak but keyboard mixed ( without sustain :) ) gives some great (...)


MPC Grooves

By markstyles

Here are a bunch of midifies, quantized to some well known drum machines. You could copy/paste the rhythm to your phrases, to get a wider selection of humanized, quantize values. Andre is (...)

Power Jazz Funk library

By markstyles

Here are an assortment of riffs used in several instruments and seven songs. I used the create library function. It split the drum parts into small riffs, and individual instruments. There are (...)