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Welcome To Website 3.0

Welcome to our re-launched community website! We are thrilled to have you here and excited to share with you the amazing features and updates we have in store. This place has been (...)

Leaving Twitter For Mastodon

For various reasons, our presence on Twitter never gained much steam. To be honest, we neglegted that communication channel and it shows. Now that Twitter seems poised to descend into chaos, we've (...)

The Pale Rider (file attached)

By andre

I have no idea why the rider is pale or where and why she's actually riding, but since this arrangement lends itself so fantastically to Snippets sessions, I updated it and published a remix as one of the new Synfire examples.



By Lottekoe

I made this weird Christmas song, because so many people did not celebrate christmas together with frinds and fameily.


Upright Bass !!

By andre

Extremely cool upright bass solo here. I just came across this while programming a similar style for the upcoming generative algos. Erm, it won't be quite as exciting as this live performance (...)


Up for remixes: Sprikes

By andre

This is an example song featuring 10 instances of Sprike and no other synth (except a drum preset from Soundcase). So this is a real demo of what you can do with (...)


Synfire Users Collaboration

By juergen

A while ago, the idea of establishing local Synfire user groups was born. I followed the further course of things with interest, however I was a bit skeptical whether this could work (...)