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Cleaning House

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We're cleaning up. The new place for showing your music is your personal blog. We already moved some older posts there. Very old and broken links will be removed soon. If you want to keep some of it, please copy it to your blog.

Bringing this new platform online has been quite an effort, but it's finally done. You may have noticed that in the course of the renovation some old posts have been archived or removed, especially if their content is no longer relevant today (e.g. old bug reports or discussions that have been resolved in the meantime). Or if links contained in them haven't worked for some time.

Cleaning Up

Some music samples were created by you with a lot of dedication, so it's hard for us to take them offline just because they are very old or a link doesn't work anymore. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to review these music samples or videos and repost them as a new blog post if you wish to preserve them and keep them (copy and paste should be fine). 

This is particularly so for the postings in the Works In Progress forum, which we will be purging soon. The new format for permanently presented music is your blog. The Forum will only host short term discussions for quick feedback and critique.

You will find all your old posts in your account under the History tab.

Please only add new posts and do not change anything in the forum retroactively! Changes would cause all participants in the discussion to be notified again by email, which would cause a hopeless mess and brand us as spammers of the month.

Posts that we have arbitrarily moved to your new blog, you are of course welcome to delete, if that was not in your sense, or you prefer to post something newer. Title and summary you can change of course.

We keep track of all newly posted stuff and delete the old versions of it later while keeping the notification function turned off.

A New Chapter

After many years of development, we believe Synfire has reached a level of maturity and accessibility that finally allows us to reach out to a larger audience and introduce it to many more people. From now on, we will delegate this communication work in order to become more effective and faster.

More new members will show up here in the near future and take a look around. So it's important that anything that can be distracting or confusing to newcomers is somewhat relegated to the background. Finally, in about three weeks we will be cleaning up old content and posting new tutorials updated to version 2.

We have summarized in two articles where to post new amounts and how to edit them.

We hope you will enjoy the new platform as much as we do.

There is still so much to discover!