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This section is for sharing documents, files, user-made tutorials, lists, links and references. It is a Wiki that all of you can edit collaboratively. Cognitone does not endorse or promote any of the files uploaded here. Please be responsible and respect the copyright of others and do not upload anything without permission.

DR-670 Drum Pattern Library

By sj1

Patterns from DR-670 (400 Patterns) D = Drums Df = Drums with Fill 2m patterns/loops in 4/4 have no special label. Others are labeled: 1m, 4m, 2b, etc. Some 1m patterns have (...)


Midi files

By Ryland

Classic, jazz, soul, dance, teckno, stadium, anthems, christian, movie, pop and top40, with all Beatles mm. All files are about 170 mb big. Kontakt Ryland and I send you ZIP file.

Mixing with inserts and aux sends

By janamdo

This information is good to use for application in a DAW. To what extent you can get away with this when applying mixes within Synfire that you should try out. MIXEN WITH (...)


By Tinjaw

Note : The impetus for this page came when I was brand new to Synfire. I wanted a more structured step-by-step process for learning how to use the product in general (...)