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How To Use Mastodon

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You may have already noticed that we abandoned Twitter for Mastodon. Since Twitter became the private property of Elon Musk, the user base of Mastodon grew by a whopping 600% and continues to grow at that speed. Whether our move is a wise decision only time will tell, but since we neglected Twitter as a communication channel in the past, there is not much risk involved.

Since we can't possibly send out a newsletter for every announcement and tidbit we want to share, a micro blogging medium is quite useful to stay in touch with users, journalists, influencers, etc.

Mastodon is a decentralized network of servers, one of which you need to pick if you want to create an account. The people behind it are located in Germany. We chose in the Netherlands, but may move the account to a different server at any time without losing our followers. So can you, by the way.

That said, it takes some time to get familiar with the network. This forum thread is for tips, questions and answers that may arise. Here are some links to get you started:


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If you happen to find more interesting hashtags with music and/or AI background, please share them here. Here's what I found so far:







Also, if you find official accounts of institutions and publications to follow, feel free to suggest them here, too.