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Midi files

By Ryland

Classic, jazz, soul, dance, teckno, stadium, anthems, christian, movie, pop and top40, with all Beatles mm. All files are about 170 mb big. Kontakt Ryland and I send you ZIP file.


By Tinjaw

Note : The impetus for this page came when I was brand new to Synfire. I wanted a more structured step-by-step process for learning how to use the product in general (...)


Sample Wiki Page For Testing

By housekeeper

This is a sample page you can use for testing. Every registered user can edit this page and create new pages. Want to try? Go and add some content to this page (...)

Parameter Routing Diagram

By cognitone

A while ago the question arose how Synfire chains all the parameters internally. In certain situations one might want to know, for example, whether Shift is applied after Rhythm, or at which (...)