Sinewave Controller Data Library

Hey all,


I am starting to make a LFO-Style Controller Data Library. 

Here you will find Sinewaves in the most useful intensities and rate.


Just be aware that on fast cycles I have also added Sinewaves with more data

(labeled with HI at the end) becaus sometimes I need finer resolution

on high speed LFOs.

Synfires Gui doesnt handle that much data too well, so just use this for short fills

and turn loop mode off!! (Otherwise the GUI gets slow)


For example:

Hanging Notes

This issue has been reported for Cubase and EastWest PLAY system (EWQL). It may also occur with other plug-ins, sound libraries or DAWs.

When running PLAY inside one or more Drones in Cubase, you may experience hanging (dangling) notes. That is, notes continue to sustain after playback stopped. The issue does not occur in the Synfire Audio Engine. It does not seem to have anything to do with Synfire.

Problems With MIDI Input (Windows)

Under Windows, problems may occur if multiple programs attempt to use the same USB MIDI driver for input at the same time. Especially prone to this issue are “cheap” drivers that often accompany inexpensive MIDI hardware. If you wonder why Synfire is unable to receive MIDI input from your hardware keyboard, there is probably another program already using and blocking the USB driver.


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