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Loopback MIDI Driver

Author cognitone

This content is for an older version of Synfire. The current version is more streamlined and advanced, but most of the functionality shown here still exist.

Learn how to setup a Loopback MIDI Driver for sending MIDI data from HN2 to other software running on your computer. 

Check out the next tutorial for an example of how to use the Loopback MIDI Driver for hosting your HN2 global instruments in a DAW.

Setup on a Mac

Apple macOS or OS X already includes a loopback driver as part of the system, so setup is easy and quick.

Setup on a Windows PC

Under Microsoft Windows, you need to install a third party loopback driver, if you want to forward HN2 MIDI output to other software. HN2 Advanced Edition includes a license for LoopBe30, which you can install together with the software as shown in the video. Users of HN 2 LE may get themselves LoopBe1 (free) or LoopBe30 separately, or resort to alternative driver solutions.