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Arranging a Song (1)

How to arrange a song from scratch in 15 minutes with Synfire Sparks. This tutorial is also helpful for beginners with Synfire Express and Pro. Includes examples of different styles and instructions how to use the Pause parameter to automate a mix.

Introduction To Synfire

By andre

Users that are new to Synfire often expect it to work like a DAW. To their credit, the difference is indeed difficult to tell at first glance, at least until it's unique (...)


What Kind of Music do You Make?

While preparing for a new generation of Synfire and HN, Cognitone is looking to update all tutorials and music examples to make them more instructive and fun. Let us know your musical preferences now, so we can make stuff that best suits your needs.

16 bars of piano with just 1 midiclip

By RobertoD

Hi. I imported in Synfire the first bar (omitting the grace note) of Robert Schumann's Arabeske op.18 via midifile and built on that seven-notes excerpt a 16-measures piano phrase. I (...)


Paste Rhythm

By juergen

With the command 'Paste Rhythm' the rhythm of a parameter (i. e. the time pattern of the objects of the parameter) can be applied to another parameter. This video shows some applications (...)

Version 1

Compose a Piano Theme

Learn how to build up a cinematic piano theme step by step from easy to play phrase overdubs. Even if you are not good at playing the keyboard, using Synfire, this is simple and fun.

Version 1