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Tutorials / Workflow

Snippets (1): Playing

The Snippet Grid of Synfire is a tool for exploring potential arrangements based on instant live feedback. Learn how to compose music in real-time and have fun with Snippets.

Snippets (2): Building a Grid

Snippets are great for arranging music in real-time. Before you can play the grid, you need to populate it with phrases. There are many ways to do that. Also learn how to export snippets to an arrangement or save them in a library.


Libraries are essential for collecting and organizing phrases, harmonies and other parameters. Learn how to use and create them.


Learn how to import Standard MIDI Files into Synfire and create new phrases from their contents.

Editing Drum Patterns

Learn how to edit drum patterns with Synfire. There is no specific "Grid" or utility for this, you simply use the pencil and line drawing tools with Static Pitch Symbols exclusively (brown).

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