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Editing Drum Patterns

Author cognitone

This content is for an older version of Synfire. The current version is more streamlined and advanced, but most of the functionality shown here still exist.

Learn how to edit drum patterns with Synfire. There is no specific "Grid" or utility for this, you simply use the pencil and line drawing tools with Static Pitch Symbols exclusively (brown). Drawing long segments with many notes in one go and applying dynamics macros to them adds a little comfort.

Tip: You should ungroup very long segments when you are done. Since segments are rendered as a whole, or not at all, long segments may get in your way when you cut/copy/paste portions of a pattern, or when you use the Pause parameter for mixing your song. 

Tip: Ensure that a drum phrase uses the "Drums" interpretation preset. It's not critical, through.



Mon, 2012-10-08 - 01:03 Permalink

I have found that Addictive Drums, my favorite drum program, works great with Synfire. You just have to remember to set the map to GM in the Addictive Drums Beat screen when you use it.

The new features of showing the drum articulation name and hearing feedback are very helpful! Thank you!