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Sinewave Controller Data Library

Author Lytz1

Hey all,

I am starting to make a LFO-Style Controller Data Library. Here you will find Sinewaves in the most useful intensities and rate.

Just be aware that on fast cycles I have also added Sinewaves with more data (labeled with HI at the end) becaus sometimes I need finer resolution on high speed LFOs.

Synfires Gui doesnt handle that much data too well, so just use this for short fills and turn loop mode off!! (Otherwise the GUI gets slow)

For example:

Sine (Beat P3 - L0.75) means: 3 Cycles per beat with an intensity of 3/4 (or 75%)

The intensities are in quarters. 0.25 - 0.50 - 0.75 and 1.00.

This should be sufficient in most cases. Also more steps inbetween would just take way too long to get a decend library that includes a lot of different waveform shapes.

I also decided to let the cycles start at the upper or lower extremes instead of the zero lines because that helps when inserting triplets. Smoother transition, you won't get coarse jumps.

Also remember that controller data can get flipped/inversed and streched and that can it can be dragged onto nearly everything you want. Even figures themselves. So this should be a good starting point for you to wreak parameter havoc in Synfire.

I will add more of them from time to time as my library grows. I started with sinewaves, because they are the most difficult ones to draw by hand.

Hope some of you might find this as useful as I do... 



(A screenshot of what this looks like is here: (Link Broken))



Sun, 2015-12-27 - 15:16 Permalink

Can this not be automated ?  y= bsin(cx)  ( the heigth and the speed of repetition of the sin wave )

I started with sinewaves, because they are the most difficult ones to draw by hand.


Perhaps using a Vsti in Cubase as drone gives a more easier controller data handling then in Synfire ?

Sun, 2015-12-27 - 15:32 Permalink

It is automated... :)

What I meant was that I share Sinewaves first, because for Synfire users in general

without a tool to automante this  they would be the most hard to do, 

because they would need to draw them by hand...

(Which is okay with Saw/Ramps, maybe with Squares also, but nearly impossible to do with Sines. )


I did of course not draw them by hand, that should be obvious... Image removed.


Also this can be used by any Synfire user without the need of having external

application X/Y/Z and route stuff around via loopback/IAC and whatnot.

Just drag it in. Thats the whole point.


(By the way, routing CCs back from an external App that syncs via rewire  will be out of sync a lot,

because of the rewire latency and additional midi loopback on top of it...

You can't get clean CCs especially not stepped ones working that way. It's okay for long ramps,

but not for LFO style faster stuff that needs to be tight in sync on the beat.

It sounds always different like that what you see on the generator itself and is off-time completely.

Doesnt make any sense to me... 

Also you have to deal with the density. Most Midi LFOs do have a fixed low data density so that

the Midi Bus won't get overloaded. Again, for faster stuff this is useless...)






Sun, 2015-12-27 - 17:56 Permalink

Thanks for sharing this library.

Did you know you can upload images to this forum? Just add them as attachments to your post and place them in the text using

(image filename.gif)

Replace ( ) with rectangular brackets. I can't do that here, because it would show a missing image error.

Sun, 2015-12-27 - 18:58 Permalink

I tried to do that, however I got an error message. (Server response came not in JSON format)


Any idea what that is about? Maybe a Chrome issue?

(Because Chrome doesnt support the latest Java anymore)