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The Left-Handed Impressionist

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In this library I have processed phrases from impressionist piano music. For the most part these are left-hand parts only (i.e. not the melodies, which are usually played by the right hand). Chopin is not exactly in that era (romatic) but comes close when we look at rhythms for the left hand.

The phrases can be useful in modern music of all styles (film scores, electronic, ambient) as a much better alternative to stiff arpeggios. Some of them are driving and energetic, some muted and melancholic. Never boring.

As always, don't limit you imagination to piano. These work great with synths, brass, too. Some phrases could be finger-picking patterns for guitar.

Dynamics is important for patterns like this. You will need to shape Velocity to match your rhythm and narrative.

Check it out.

Many thanks to Bernd Kr├╝ger (, who transcribed the classical scores to MIDI files, which these phrases have been selected and derived from.