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R&B bass riffz

Author markstyles

You can use theses phrases for some inspiration, dedication, remove frustration RnB bass parts. 



Mon, 2011-07-25 - 23:47 Permalink

The phrases will not play as a bass. You need to encode imported figures using the magenta bass symbols. The blue symbols will render a melody.

Tue, 2011-07-26 - 16:18 Permalink

Thanks, I was overlooking that.  I corrected and re-uploaded the library again. I also went over and fixed sustain, and note  lengths to avoid overlap.  I have  noticed a fair amount of instrument parts with sloppy or unwanted sustain parts coming off midi files found on net.  Is this a function of original material or is this an artifact of Synfire's interpretation of material?  


I guess you have to consider the exact purpose and functions you want to include in SF to avoid it becoming overbloated.  I've become very aware of the subtle use of note length, and velocity values to give a more human performance. For instance make the downbeat (or "ands" of 8th or "a's" of 16th notes) a shorter duration and velocity, gives a lot more animation and quality to a sequence. All changed durations and velocity do not have the same amount. 


 I'm finding I need to do that as I refine piece.  Doing it by hand in SF, is a bit time consuming. Sometimes I bounce the phrase over to Logic Pro (it is a very powerful Transformation function, which lets you do chores like this automatically. You can handpick or choose by velocity, sub-position in measure to choose notes that are going to be transformed. There is a cute +/- random function which gives a subtlety to the changes.


Going back and forth several times between SF and Logic is a chore. Perhaps I'm missing or overlooking something.


I'm am finding SF to be an extremely powerful, and elegant in it's functions.  It really does take a while to explore all the functions and interactions.