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Devices (1): Creating a Device Template

Author cognitone

How to create a device template for a large (orchestral) sound library with custom controllers and articulations.  Device templates can be used to conveniently instantiate and assemble new rack modules with complete sound properties ready to use when you need them.



  1. Create Device Template (0:00)
  2. Using The Template (9:57)
  3. Save Rack Module Preset (11:14)
  4. Create a Multi-Channel Device And Rack Module Preset (12:05)

Articulations are a Pro feature. Custom Controllers are an Express feature. Device descriptions are used by all Synfire editions.


Tue, 2023-08-22 - 21:38 Permalink

Thanks, all in one overview and how to tackle it.

Haven't gotten it working yet for the Vienna Ensemble pro server if you want to create a preset (can't) of an audio plugin derived from the Vienna ensemble pro plugin and the event plugin there as well.
8 midi ports are possible via the Vienna ensemble pro plugin and Synfire, but creating presets does not succeed, it seems. 
An instance on the Vienna ensemble pro server can hold 48 midi ports, so the larger the sound library on VEP   

Looks like I manage to also that a preset can be created via the VEP ( vienna ensemble pro server ) in Synfire
VEP has some mixing capabilities and the larger this sound library can be filled with instruments, the more preset collections you can create from it.

Sun, 2023-08-27 - 19:08 Permalink

Nice background music. Too bad that KIM is chattering in between all the time. :)