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Some Plug-ins Are Blocking a Scan

Author cognitone


A plug-in refuses to scan and blocks the scanning process seemingly indefinitely.


Some plugins seem to spend a very long time doing stuff and never return. They may be checking license status, attempt to connect to a server, or whatever. Sometimes a plug-in opens a dialog window that may be obscured or otherwise hidden, so you never get around to dismissing it.


Be patient and wait 3 minutes after which the scanner will dismiss the plug-in and exclude it from being considered in future scans by adding it to the file BannedPlugins64.txt in /Library/Application Support/Cognitone/Resources (Windows: C:\ProgramData\Cognitone\Resources).

If you want to retry scanning all plug-ins from scratch, you can do at any time. Just select the option Scan All (Reset) before you start a scan.



Sat, 2023-09-09 - 14:56 Permalink

Which syntax is needed for the entries in BannedPlugins64.txt?
Something like "WAVESTATION (VST)" as shown in the Scanner.log or only "WAVESTATION" seems not to work.

Ok, this works:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\KORG\WAVESTATION.dll

Wed, 2024-02-28 - 00:06 Permalink

I couldn't find the BannedPlugins64.txt file in the path mentioned above for Windows, but managed to find it in C:\Program Files\Cognitone\Audio\Resources

Not sure if it's right to update that file directly but it did allow me to skip a couple of plugins that were causing issues.