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Toolbar Icons Appear as Boxes (Windows)

Author housekeeper


On some Windows PCs the toolbar icons appear as boxes or squares after installation.


Synfire installs custom fonts in C:\Program Files\Cognitone\Synfire\System\Fonts and C:\Windows\Fonts\Synfire. Possible reasons why these fonts are not installed or cannot be found by Synfire are:

  1. Synfire was running in the background while you installed an update.
  2. An anti-virus tool or similar utility prevented the fonts from being installed or blocks them from being opened and used.
  3. Your installation of Windows 10 is older than version 1803 (released in April 2018)


First please check whether the fonts are installed. 

  1. Look in C:\Program Files\Cognitone\Synfire\System\Fonts for OTF files that start with "Synfire". 
  2. Look in C:\Windows\Fonts\Synfire and verify the same files are installed there.
  3. Open the system control panel "Fonts" and search for "Synfire" (2 fonts, 4 styles).

If the fonts are missing you need to install the fonts manually. 

  1. Open the folder with your downloaded installation files.
  2. Open the folder FontsFolder and Synfire.
  3. Select all fonts and pick "Install fonts for all users" from the right-click menu. Confim that you want to replace existing fonts (if necessary).

This requires Synfire 2.3.6 build 2 or later.