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Message: "Too many levels of symbolic links" (Mac only)

Author cognitone

This error message prevented users from opening Synfire or HN in a few reported cases.

The culprit is a symbolic link in the filesystem that points back to itself. According to user Francois from France, the solution is to remove that symbolic link:

bash: cd: /Users/fgt/documents/: Too many levels of symbolic links
(If it actually exists, rename the directory "/Users/fgt/documents/" for instance: /Users/fgt/documents.XXX/)
MacBookPro-FGT:~ fgt$ ls -la
total 168
(The offending symbolic link)
lrwxr-xr-x@  1 fgt    staff     20 May 27 08:33 Documents -> /Users/fgt/Documents
MacBookPro-FGT:~ fgt$ sudo rm Documents
MacBookPro-FGT:~ fgt$ ls -la
total 168

(The symbolic link "Documents -> /Users/fgt/Documents" has disappeared.)

Please, as always, backup your Mac before using Terminal commands like these, unless you are an experienced Unix administrator.