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Unhandled exception: Permission denied (OS X)

Author cognitone

Unhandled exception: Permission denied ("/Library/Application Support/ Harmony Navigator 2/Updates/setup.db.temp)

If you get this error message when trying to open HN2 for the first time, a recent OS update or other installer has probably messed with system folder permissions. This is how to fix it:

  1. Run "Repair Permissions" on your startup volume with Apple's Disk Utility
  2. Deactivate HN2 using its in /Library/Application Support/Cognitone/Setup, or by running the original installer package and, instead of installing, choosing to deactivate when the SETUP app runs. Note that since Lion, the folder /Library was hidden by Apple. Visit the Finder menu „Go To“ and open „Folder“. Then enter /Library into the input (incl. the slash) and navigate to the above Setup folder.
  3. Uninstall HN2. If SETUP refuses to run, do it manually as explained here: (
  4. Reinstall HN2
  5. Activate

Contact support, if this didn't help.