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Message: "Error -5000 while verifying your authorization" (Mac)

Author housekeeper

This content is for an older version of Synfire. The current version is more streamlined and advanced, but most of the functionality shown here still exist.

This message indicates that one or more folders on your Mac have restrictive permissions that hinder Synfire from looking up system information. On a clean OS X installation, this should not happen. For whatever reason, the default permissions were modified on your system. A -5000 error is an Apple OS X message that is not solely related to Synfire. It can occur with any application.

The Synfire demo does not require an iLok to run. However, in order to run, it needs to access certain system folders. If you see this message, your volume or folder permissions have changed since OS X was installed.

A common cause for this message is that you are trying to run the Synfire Pro demo and have older iLok-related software installed. Installing the current iLok License Manager usually fixes the required folder permissions. Note that you can uninstall the license manager later when you no longer need it. Get the software here: 

Computer Administration Rights

Make sure the user account on your Mac is allowed to administer the computer.

Repair Permissions

Launch Apple Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions on your startup volume. This fixes most permission issues with system folders.

Volume Permissions

Make sure the ownership and permissions of all mounted volumes (except CD-ROM) are set correctly. In the Finder, select each volume on the desktop and go to the File menu and choose Get Info. Expand the Sharing & Permissions item. Make sure that the settings are 

  • Name: system, or your account name
    Privilege: Read & Write 
  • Name: admin, staff, or your account name
    Privilege: Read & Write 

Make sure that the "Ignore ownership on this volume" setting is not checked (not enabled). Verify the above settings for all mounted volumes except CD-ROMs.

iLok License Manager

If the above does not help, installing the most current PACE License Support may fix it. You can get the software for free here:


If you had PACE software installed before, please attempt an un-install of the drivers before re-installing. There is a uninstall script included with the download.


Please contact customer support, if the issue persists: