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Decibells - My Latest Completed Synfire Project

Author The Wave Mechanic
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This week I took delivery of a new (old) synth...a Roland JV-1080. In checking out the included presets, I found one called "Wave Bells" that really appealed to me. 

So over the last 3 - 4 days I (and Synfire) came up with this: Decibells.wav

I also used sounds from a Roland JD-990, Omnisphere, and UVI Falcon (percussion).

I found Synfire's palette feature particularly helpful in determining the chords for the bridge. 

I'm not sure what genre this music is, so if anyone has a suggestion I'd like to hear it. But other general constructive comments and questions are of course welcomed.

Thanks for listening.


Sun, 2023-03-26 - 21:43 Permalink

Nice sound. Has a somewhat medieval mood. Although I don't think they had a JV1080 back then. :)