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Snapshot its in grey into "TAKES"

After making a batch import midi all instruments remained in "static pitch" I want to convert all instruments that are not static and dynamic like a bass in order to use them in other progressions. I will " Takes" and I find that " snapshot" is desabilitado and therefore I can not change it. What am I doing wrong ?

Fri, 2015-07-10 - 09:57 Permalink

For a better overview, Synfire shows the take if there is no figure. It is still only a take however, so you can't snapshot it to Figure.

If you want to do figure recognition after the import, be sure you have "Keep Takes" selected on the import dialog.

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Select the melody track( the first track ) by clicking with the mouse on it you must have tickboxed 2 options for the selected mouse track (must be on!) : import track and harmonic contact ( both option must be tickboxed for this track that you want to import in Synfire ( theoption static pitch off ( not tickboxed anymore )

Go further with selecting all tracks who have harmonic content and are candidate to be  imported as track  and no static pitches option(off)

Left is drums ..only this one you must as static import option tickboxed (on) and not harmonic and import track option on 



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Janando thanks for your Help.

You tell me what I have done previously with good results but conm much delay.

In the forums one tip is tickear all tracks only in static form, and then do the conversion

a dynamic which applicable, once the task of batch Batch converter.-

All is well in the importation of one midi. in the main "file - Import-standart midi files" screen.

It happens when I make a batch converter that is many rows to make "import library standat midi files", which, having tickeado "fast import -Select pitches in all tracks. The importation of low or other instruments which I have to admit to work as dynamics do not appear in the panel bearing the "setting" enable or that of the spnatshot take.

I do something wrong and I find the reason

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

When I had to solve some small problems I read the forum and informed me.

But this problem complicates me.

Thanks for the help

Sat, 2015-07-11 - 00:30 Permalink

Only thing I can see thats different to when I do a batch import is, I normally leave the check box 'import track' checked. The left most checkbox, middle says harmonic content and the right says static pitches on all tracks. I normally leave the first and last checked.

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Blacksun Thanks for your help. I'll put into practice The SFP Team is tops.