MIDI Export from Ableton Live

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MIDI Export from Ableton Live

Hey Andre

Well... so far I love Synfire Pro but I`m really struggling with the export function of the drones. I don't know how but It worked the first few times that I tried to do it but NOT ANYMORE. I`m really worried. I guessed is some kind of midi settings but I haven't found the answer. I am able to sync the session so rewire is working good. The plugins are playing fairly well but I can export midi from synfire to ableton.

Please help.


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(moved your post to a new thread, because the other is already many years old and Synfire hast changed s LOT since then)

The Drone will load all MIDI from Synfire the moment you drag off the drone's label. There is no setting that I remember now that would disable this. What mode is the Drone in? After you exported from a Drone once, it switches to "Local" playback mode. This ensures you will not hear an unpredictable mix of both the DAWs midi and the midi that is still rendered by Synfire. Try setting that to "Remote" and try again.

Alternatively, you can also drag & drop any instrument from the arrange window in Synfire to Live directly. Just don't forget to tap the spacebar once you are flying over Live in order to release the MIDI file (currently needed because Synfire needs to know whether you want to drag to another Synfire window or an external software). We are looking for ways to make this work without the spacebar.

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