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Workflow Methods!


Hi there, 

I am new to this forum. 

Kindly anyone, do let me know or lead me to, how Synfire collect figures, collect harmony and eventually arrange and edit them? 

I know it is done by an AI; but my confusion is, which methodology and reference materials are used here.


Many thanks


Sun, 2019-06-02 - 16:23 Permalink

collecting figures can be done many ways: record them with a MIDI keyboard, scavenge MIDI files, draw them with the pen tools.
Harmonies can be saved to your Library.

you can open multiple Libraries, as well as other windows, and use them as scratchpads, and to copy and paste between them.

you can also watch this video as well to get an idea.

i'd recomend to start with Harmony Navigator LE if you are new to Cognitone products.
then when you have that sorted out move up to HN2 Advanced, then Synfyre Express.
i find the climbing curve was more manageable this way for me.

Sun, 2019-06-02 - 22:36 Permalink

Thank you HiEnergy,

You are right!

Everyone has to find his suitable workflow.

My question is however directed to Synfire software, which means how the AI do it?

What data this AI carries with regard to reference books of theory and how it analyze it; meaning the worflow or algorithm it follows.