Transfer MIDI patterns from VST instruments

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Transfer MIDI patterns from VST instruments


This is fascinating.

Can someone please explain how MIDI patterns set in a VST instruments RealGuitar, EZKeys Piano, etc are transferred to Synfire Pro to use them as Patterns. 


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The midi guitar patterns from RealGuitar are exported into a folder on your computer (how to do this you must open RealGuitar and drag drop the midi )  and then imported again in Synfire as the tutorial shows 

No i was mistaken ..there is pattern library installed inthe program folder RealGuitar : you must use these midi's and import them in Synfire

Example Basis Picking : Basic Picking (82 patterns)
A set of picking guitar rhythm phrases.
Work well as 4/4 and 3/4 universal acoustic guitar backgrounds in wide range of tempo (50-250) and rhythm feel (4th, 8th, 8-triplet, 16th, 16-triplet, 32nd).
Probably you can also make your own patterns in RealGuitar? 

I did not make a guitarlibrary yet, but perhaps now.
Perhaps a idea to look a the phrases in Halion 6 and make a library like as is done with Realguitar.

Another guitar vst is Ample guitar you can drag and drop the guitarpattern from the program in a desktop folder

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