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How to make Hybrid Orchestral Music...


I suggest opening a thread titled: How to make Hybrid Orchestral Music.
A fusion between electronic and orchestral music
There is also Hybrid Epic Orchestral Music possible with e.g. strings going to the extreme as can be listened to @ Nico Shuele, but that is not the case here now.
There is cheap teaching material for this on Udemy : (
Then choose the course: (
To what extent this all runs in Synfire due to the lack of a piano roll editor with octave indications to get good separation between instruments?


Sun, 2023-04-23 - 16:52 Permalink

May be this is all too much for Synfire to handle.
Indeed it does not have an editor with octave indications and symbol operations.
Then you could already say : end of this thread.

Sun, 2023-04-23 - 18:49 Permalink

You can compose any music with Synfire. Tutorials that were specifically made for DAWs require some translation, though.

You don't transpose parts by octaves (although that's possible with the Chromatic parameter). You rather edit the instrument's playing ranges. Inside the same Figure, you can separate voices as if they were pitch-based (i.e. visually like notes). If you have multiple instruments, make sure their playing ranges are the same if their Figures are supposed to be related pitch-wise.