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Global Container Parameters/Heirarchy


When I place a step paramater into a child containers global area, the song doesn't play anything for that duration of the container. Sometimes it plays the music on the higher level, sometimes it doesn't. It seems like since the child container doesn't have any figures, then nothing plays. I Have this problem often with other parameters as well. 

It also changes the music way before the step container is reached. I see this particularly with the step container.

Sun, 2023-10-08 - 22:28 Permalink

I can confirm, opened a current arrangement placed a container inside an existing container, dragged a step parameter into the sub-container's global parameter area and the container went silent. I have always heard that you could put steps and rhythms into the container parameter block but didn't think to drag one in, I thought I was missing something, in any case i think the green parameter indicator should appear in the container parameter's block other wise there is no way of knowing that something is affecting the container, unless I'm missing something. On the other hand I placed a rhythm parameter and it totally works! which is something I've been waiting for and it was there the whole time!

Mon, 2023-10-09 - 07:44 Permalink

Yes, Rhythm is one of the obvious cases for controlling all instruments in a container. Step should work as well. I remember using it, so this might be a regression.

Step however is also the most radical of all parameters. It can have extreme consequences at times.

Mon, 2023-10-09 - 08:01 Permalink

Just tested but can't reproduce this yet. 

What kind of Step are you using? What kind of phrase isn't responding?

With polyphonic phrases the results are often unexpected. Step is applied to all notes in the order they come, including unquantized chords and multiple voices.

Tue, 2023-10-10 - 13:01 Permalink

Thanks for the arrangement file.

Step shows up green on the parameter block when you select the Global Parameters track. On any other track it is dark green, meaning it is inherited but not physically present for that instrument.

Step is not listed on the matrix console's global channel. It probably should, althoujgh only if it is actually present. Good point.

And yes, the container being silent is a bug.

EDIT: Interestingly, if you move the container a bit to the left, it works.

Thu, 2023-10-12 - 10:00 Permalink

Amazing, this also fixes a bug with the "instrument number (pause)" parameter I like to place inside of nested containers. Thanks for adding the indicator to the parameter block this makes it makes it make so much sense. EDIT: Not to be a bother but I noticed the Rhythm parameter is not showing up in the parameter block? Though its application seems to be working perfectly. EDIT2: Ok, weird it is showing now after going to the overview|structure page and cutting and pasting it from there. Yes it appears updates are happening when changing the view.