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Testing orchestral Kontakt libraries

Autor RobertoD

So far I used almost exclusively the built-in synthesizer, at 99% the Yamaha Grand Piano patch.
This morning I did some experiments loading ochestral libraries directly in Synfire (no drone, I don't know yet how a Drone works). I was amazed. Jotting a chromatic ascending progression took me a few minutes and I must admit that, not being me a natural-born-genius nor an early talent, Synfire has done for me an amazing hard work of chords concatenation that would have required me hours or even days of trials. Practically, this morning I could taste the cinematic potential of Synfire, which is great.

The following libraries were used:

  1. SAM Orchestral Essentials voll. 1/2 (strings and timpani)
  2. Performance Samples Caspian (brass)

The ascending melody in the low brass was developed by Synfire itself. I wrote only the first bar then looped it. The same for the fast violins+violas staccatissimo. 



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If you don't have the aforementioned libraries you can replace them with similar products of your choiche

If sounds are properly categorized in their device descriptions, Synfire should find replacement sounds automatically.