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We're happy to announce Sprike, a virtual analog synth that Cognitone will showcase in future tutorials, example songs and racks. Sprike is open source. Everyone can download it for free from the Cognitone site.

Sprike is an extended variant of Tunefish4, an open source project by Brain Control. It was originally born in the Demo Scene and fitted in a mere 10 kB of machine code (that's pretty tight!). It's very light on CPU. We liked it so much that we made a fork and created an extended version that cooperates nicely in a mainly MIDI-controlled environment. 

Sprike features multiple effects units and has some awesome capabilities for EDM and minimal techno. It also knows a few tricks with acoustic basses, bells, strings and (distorted) guitars. The additive wavetable synthesis is extremely expressive and powerful. Exploring the parameters of the generator is definitely worth the time. You will be rewarded with unique sounds.

With Sprike pre-installed, Synfire users will be able to more conveniently follow our future example songs and tutorials, which will open seamlessly on both Windows and Mac and will sound exactly as intended right from the start. 

Sprike is part of an effort to simplify first-time setup and promote the exchange of arrangements in forums and among users. With Synfire 1.8 around the corner, we will soon also introduce a multi-timbral sample player plug-in, inclusive ready-to-use sounds, that will finally eliminate the longstanding latency and setup issues on Windows.

Due to licensing restrictions (GPL), Sprike can not be embedded immediately with Synfire installers, but our installers will provide links to the download site for your convenience. 

A device description (DD) for Sprike is already available from the Online Repository in Synfire.

Your feedback is welcome in this discussion thread.

Download Sprike