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Synfire 2.0

Author cognitone

A new generation of the Music Prototying Studio is here. In addition to Express and Pro, we added a new Sparks edition for songwriters and home producers.

More Productive & Fun

With Snippets (Express, Pro) you can arrange multiple phrases in real-time until you find the best possible match. More powerful than live loops of your DAW, Snippets respond to harmony changes and compose new music on the fly. It's fun. Synfire Pro Factories generate unique phrases randomly that actually sound human. Synfire Pro Libraries now have their own racks, so you can collect phrases along with their original sounds, which are deployed to an arrangement when you use them. A new Overview page in Synfire Pro helps you navigate the container structure.

Easier To Use

Much streamlined and enhanced, Synfire is now a lot easier to use. If you tried it in the past and felt overwhelmed by its many possibilities, you should have another look. With intuitive drag & drop sound setup, improved phrase editing and a host of new example libraries, you will get started quickly. The new integrated help system assists you when you get stuck.

See how easy it is now to arrange a song with Synfire. New videos are currently added to our YouTube Channel on a regular basis and older videos are updated incrementally.

Tutorial Videos

Find the first tutorials for Synfire 2.0 here.