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2 new tracks

Released a couple of tracks this weekend that were composed in Synfire.


The first is an experiment in binaural beats, which are supposed to help with concentration, relaxation, sleep and pain relief, depending on the beat frequency. This piece is a 20 minute sound texture designed to help me sleep whilst I was ill. Worked for me, would love to hear your experience of it. This track started life in Synfire, post processing done in Ableton Live.


The second track is a more traditional progressive house/trance track, again writen using Synfire. Still not 100% happy so I consider it's still a work in progress. To me this demonstrates the power of synfire as the whole thing to get to this point took 3.5 hours.



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Really like the second one blacksun even though it's not my favourite genre.  It is very soothing and relaxing.  It could also quite easily be turned into a classic fimscore or even a pop/rock song with some vocals if you like. The piano is lovely.

Haven't listened to the first one yet as it's quite long, I'll try and listen while I'm doing something else.

Great work, keep it up!


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Hi Blacksun. Digging the latest tracks.


The first one might just help me achieve my first lucic dream (being trying for years) probable best to listen to this one through headphones to get the full impact.


Second track was very nice sounding. Had a very inteligent German feel to it. By any chance are you german?


Any way, keep up the good work m8.

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