Abstract Concepts

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Abstract Concepts

This is not an issue, just an idea.

It would be neat if there was a kind of 'tip of the day' popup on synfires start. Instead of giving a tip it would play back a unique harmonic/voiceleading example that we could tag with an emotional or conceptual free association description.

Over time such a database gathered automatically, but voluntarily from all users, could help guide the voice leading in achieving broad inter-subjective goals that are cultural and beyond the scope of music theory but are very musically relevant. "Sinister", "Egg McMuffin"

You see this kind of development being done in synth preset browsers though obviously the implementation would be much more difficult.


Just to clarify by "unique harmonic/voiceleading example" I mean it would be a comparative. So if there are several ways that Synfire could voice a part while satisfying its internal rule set, this would let us categorize them without having to understand why. I'll venture to suggest it would be something along the lines of a neural network, but I really don't know too much about all that.

There would also be a need to simplify the free associative language as a secondary process. "Egg McMuffin" is a good example.

Perhaps, as well as the voice leading example, there would be an additional field to help interpret unknown words by different users... So "Egg McMuffin" might be tagged as "Silly" which would link it to a whole categorization of words without eliminating the color and complexity of the most emotionally meaningful description.

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