Additional sources for your Library

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Additional sources for your Library

If you feel the need to add more phrases to your library you can try these programs (Mac only).

Critters 3.0 Dev site - Macupdate.

A computer composition method when you can rate different pieces and create a new generation of a song to your preferences. There are many unexplained options to set up a song. One of the options to select from a very long list of non western scales/modes which I am not sure how that maps into Synfire.

A similar program is Voice of the GoatCactus

ACTool box -
ACTool Box provides a structure to use functions to create note sections and combine those up for a song. This program takes some time to get familiar with but has lots of functions to generate notes based on randomness, probability and other mathematical equations.

With both programs you can export out the MIDI for Synfire and chop up the selections.

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