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Already quantized stuff inserted with Synfire itself is not recognized as quantized


Also tried "Force legato" just in case.



Wed, 2022-10-19 - 18:20 Permalink

Not that I would be able to export anyway due to this other bug here:

New around 2.0.9: After creating a new instrument, it appears that by setting any option like "Hide" or "Staves" in the export settings, for such instrument, it actually applies the option to ALL instruments.

So... yeah.


Thu, 2022-10-20 - 01:00 Permalink

Ok I've found out that it was because of a change of Scheme, so now I've solved it. It's related to the issue with the scheme zoom. You should fix that because with a far zoom (not even that far), stretching the containers glitches bad.
So the "bug" of this thread was because of this other actual bug about the zoom and Scheme issue.

It's the first entry in my bugs thread. This one can be closed I guess.